Sarona Market was established to be the heartbeat of Israeli culinary art. On an area of 8,700 square meters with 91 shops, stalls and restaurants of all categories, Sarona Market is Israel's largest, most unique indoor culinary complex. The project was constructed by Gindi Holdings on Sarona Gardens in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Sarona Market is an innovative, contemporary urban market that combines the old world with the new. A gourmet and consumer product market that features imported cheeses from across the globe, premium balsamic vinegar from Italy, fresh seafood from the Atlantic Ocean, French champagne and spices from the Far East along with the best local produce - fruit and vegetables from Emek Hefer and the Arava, lamb and veal from the Golan Heights, fresh fish from the Mediterranean Sea, local and imported wines, boutique beer, chocolates, hand-made pastries and more.

Sarona Market draws its inspiration from the leading markets worldwide, such as Borough Market in London, Chelsea Market in New York, La Boqueria in Barcelona, and the global Eataly chain of markets. The market contracts with business owners from the leading markets in Israel - Machane Yehuda in Jerusalem, Carmel Market, Tel Aviv Port Market, Hatikva Market, Levinsky Market, Wadi Nisnas Market in Haifa, and others.

At the shops, behind the counters and in the restaurant kitchens of Sarona Market, it will be possible to find foodies, products and dishes that have already become local legends a long time ago: the ramen of Chef Israel Aharoni, the unique and popular dishes of Chef Moshe Segev, the hamburgers of Meat Bar, the humous of Ali Karavan (Abu Hasan) from Jaffa, the quality products from Fauchon Paris, the cheeses of Bashar Formagerie, and the halva of the Halva Kingdom. Various young culinary entrepreneurs will operate beside them, bringing refreshing buying, consumer and entertainment concepts to the market - a fish and seafood bar from Seatara that operates in collaboration with Ziko Fish shops, home-made ice lollies from fresh fruit, and a wine tasting stand offering over 40 types of boutique wine.

The combination of local and global, classic and contemporary, urban and rural, imported preserved products and fresh products, have made Sarona Market a unique landmark unequaled in the food chronicles of Israel. A central place where you can experience the full intensity of all the flavors of Israeli culinary art under one roof. A place where you can get the best raw ingredients to cook at home, enjoy a three-course gourmet meal, do your entertainment shopping in one place, grab a delectable French pastry with Italian espresso by the book or merely drop in for a glass of wine with a platter of prime sausages. A place where you can join a cooking workshop at Bishulim School, taste olive oil directly from the olive press, enjoy a platter of choice cheese, learn the difference between the different organic tomato varieties directly from the growers, and try the freshest seasonal produce, at competitive market prices, with emphasis on service and an unbeatable shopping experience.


Sarona Market operates seven days a week:
Sun-Thurs: 09:00-23:00
Friday: 08:00-18:00
Saturday: 09:00-23:00